Machu Picchu Open or Closed

machu picchu open or closed

Things to Know

Is Machu Picchu open?

Machu Picchu, the emblematic Inca citadel located in the Andes of Peru, is currently open to tourists and visitors in general.

On the official platform, the entrance tickets are no longer sold since these are limited, but you can buy them directly in the village of Machu Picchu if you are interested in knowing more about last-minute tickets to Machu Picchu you can read our blog.

If you are thinking of visiting Machu Picchu, we recommend that you keep up to date with any possible changes or notices, especially given the recent closures related to civil unrest earlier in the year.

Machu Picchu Closed

Machu Picchu never closes according to the government schedule, but there may be circumstances in which it closes, for example in the protests that took place in 2023 etc., so you should always be aware.

Inca Trail Closed

The Inca Trail closes every year in February for maintenance.

Inca Trail Open

The Inca Trail opens in March each year.

Is it safe to travel to Peru in 2024?

Yes, it is safe to travel to Peru, previously Peru was in protests and that is why they had closed Machu Picchu but all year round it continues to work properly.

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