Pallay Punchu Trek - Full Day

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Pallay punchu mountain stands as a fresh and premier highlight in Cusco, unveiled during the quarantine period amid the COVID-19 pandemic. Situated over 194 kilometers distant from Cusco, it graces an elevated pinnacle soaring to 4,791 meters above sea level (masl) or 15,718 feet above sea level (fasl).


Here are the highlights of visiting Pallay Punchu:

  • Unique Geological Formations: Pallay Punchu is renowned for its intriguing geological formations, including natural arches, eroded sandstone pillars, and a rock face that appears like an open book. These formations provide a striking backdrop for exploration and photography.
  • Secluded Location: Unlike some of the more popular tourist destinations in the region, Pallay Punchu remains relatively undiscovered, offering a serene and less crowded environment for visitors to appreciate its natural beauty.
  • Hiking and Trekking: Getting to Pallay Punchu often involves a moderate trek, allowing you to immerse yourself in the breathtaking landscapes of the Andes. The journey can be an adventure in itself, leading you through picturesque highland scenery.
  • Cultural Immersion: Pallay Punchu is often located in the vicinity of indigenous Quechua communities. Visiting the area provides a unique opportunity to interact with the local people, learn about their customs, and gain insights into their way of life.
  • Scenic Views: Pallay Punchu offers impressive views of the surrounding Andean mountains and valleys. The natural arches and unique rock formations create a dramatic setting for panoramic photographs.
  • Photography Opportunities: The geological formations and the serene landscapes of Pallay Punchu provide excellent photo opportunities for those looking to capture the beauty of this lesser-known attraction.
  • Tranquility and Reflection: The secluded location and unspoiled natural surroundings make Pallay Punchu an ideal place for peaceful reflection and relaxation.
  • Geological Wonder: For geology enthusiasts or those interested in unique natural formations, Pallay Punchu is a hidden gem worth exploring.
  • Cultural Encounters: Meeting and interacting with the indigenous communities in the area can provide insights into Andean culture and traditions, enriching your visit.
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    At 13:20 We pick you up from any place in Cusco you tell us. Then we begin with heading to Cusco’s Plaza de Armas, where you will visit the famous cathedral. Following, you will continue on foot through an ancient Inca-built street from the Plaza de Armas to the Q’oricancha, the Temple of the Sun. At the Q’oricancha you will be able to compare and contrast the building methods of the Incan culture and Catholicism. This was the key spiritual center of the Incas, which leads to all four quarters of the Inca Empire. There is also a bronze, high altar to be seen.

    The tour starts at Q’oricancha and continues along Avenida El Sol to Sacsayhuaman, a remarkable Inca site featuring massive monoliths. Afterward, the group visits Q’enqo with its intriguing Incan altars and Puca Pucara, a circular Inca site. The tour concludes at Tambomachay, a water temple known for its impressive fountains. The journey ends back in Cusco’s main square.



    • transportation.
    • Professional English speaking tour guide to explore Cusco.
    • Entrance ticket to the famous cathedral.
    • Entrance ticket to Coricancha temple
    • Entrance ticket to the four ruins of Cusco

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    • Day pack
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    • Snacks like, apple, cereal bar, sweets and chocolates.
    • Sun cream
    • Rain poncho
    • Cash in soles for your extra expenses such meals, etc.