South Valley Tour - Half Day

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Explore the hidden treasures of Peru’s South Valley on an enriching tour. Uncover the rich history and cultural heritage of this lesser-known region, with stops at ancient ruins, charming towns, and breathtaking landscapes. Embark on a South Valley adventure and experience the heart of Peru’s diverse and captivating past


Here are the highlights of each of these remarkable destinations:

  1. Tipon:

    • Inca Terraces: Tipon is known for its intricate and well-preserved Inca agricultural terraces. These terraces showcase the advanced engineering and agricultural techniques of the Inca civilization.
    • Irrigation System: The site features an impressive irrigation system with a network of canals and fountains that demonstrate the Inca’s mastery of water management.
    • Scenic Beauty: Tipon is set against a backdrop of stunning natural beauty, including lush green hills and mountainous landscapes.
  2. Pikillacta:

    • Pre-Inca Ruins: Pikillacta is an archaeological site that predates the Inca Empire. It offers a unique glimpse into the Wari culture, with well-preserved stone structures and buildings.
    • Urban Planning: The layout of Pikillacta features a grid pattern of streets, plazas, and buildings, showcasing the urban planning skills of the Wari civilization.
    • Historical Significance: This site is an important historical and cultural site that sheds light on pre-Inca societies in the region.
  3. Andahuaylillas:

    • Sistine Chapel of the Andes: Andahuaylillas is renowned for its charming colonial church, known as the “Sistine Chapel of the Andes.” The church is adorned with intricate frescoes and decorative artwork.
    • Colonial Art and Architecture: Inside the church, you’ll find a wealth of colonial-era art, including paintings, sculptures, and religious artifacts.
    • Cultural Heritage: Andahuaylillas represents the fusion of indigenous and Spanish cultures and provides a window into the religious and artistic traditions of the time.
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    South Valley  Tour Itinerary

    We offer a comprehensive tour package starting at 8:00 am, during which we pick you up from your hotel for a visit to the archaeological sites of Tipón and Pikillacta. Our knowledgeable guides will walk you through the intricate hydraulic system, the fountains, and channels. You will learn more about the fascinating history of water conservation in ancient times. Next, we will visit Pikillacta and witness a perfect blend of history and urban planning. Our final destination will be Andahuaylillas, also known as the Sistine Chapel of America, where you can explore the stunning collection of Cusco’s Murals and paintings. This masterpiece temple is also home to a renowned door inscribed in five languages and once covered in Gold. After the tour, we will bring you back to Cusco, and the journey will end around 3:00 pm. Please book with us to experience an unforgettable adventure.


    what’s included in the South Valley tour

    • Round-trip transportation (tourist bus).
    • English-speaking Tour Guide.

    Not Included

    • Tourist Ticket for archeological sites.

    what to bring to South Valley Tour

    • Tourist ticket (included in price).
    • Sun hat.
    • Sun protection cream (factor 35 recommended).
    • Waterproof jacket/rain poncho.
    • Water.
    • Camera and films.

    Useful info


    You will need a tourist ticket to visit the Sacred Valley. Below you have all the information about them.

    The Cusco Boleto Turistico is the only ticket that allows you to visit the most important tourist attractions in and around the Cusco area. With this Ticket, you visit Inca Ruins, museums and typical dances of Peru at 07:00 pm daily. you don´t need to book in advance the tourist ticket, just buy it at the first site you visit. Cash only. There are 2 types of Tickets.


    BTG is also known as the Complete Cusco Tourist Ticket. (In Spanish it is called the Boleto Turístico Integral Cusco). This complete Tourist Ticket Cusco gives you permission to discover all 16 tourist attractions in the Cusco region: If you want to visit ruins in both Cusco & the Sacred Valley, your best option is the full “General Boleto Turistico”

    • Price: 130.00 Soles
    • Student Price: 70. 00 Soles
    • Validity: 10 days

    The Partial Cusco Tourist Ticket is only valid for one or two days. It allows you to enter certain Inca Archeological Ruins and these sites are grouped together according to tourist circuits. This Partial Cusco Tourist Ticket is not available for students or for minors. If you plan on visiting only Sacred Valley and Maras Moray. But not City Tour on Cusco, the best option is the partial one.

    • Price: 70.00 Soles

    The cost of the direct entry ticket to the Andawaylilllas is 15 soles ( USS $ 5).