Lares Trek to Machu Picchu 4 days



4 days / 3 nigths
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Lares Trek 4 days

The Lares Trek is a captivating 4-day journey through the heart of the Peruvian Andes, offering an unparalleled cultural and scenic experience. This less-traveled path is perfect for those seeking a more intimate connection with nature and local communities. Throughout the route, you’ll be amazed by the stunning views of snow-capped mountains, crystal-clear lagoons, and expansive valleys. Additionally, you’ll have the opportunity to interact with traditional Andean communities, learning about their ancient customs and current way of life. The trek concludes with a visit to the famous Lares hot springs, where you can relax after days of hiking. This journey not only challenges the body but also enriches the spirit, leaving memories that will last a lifetime.



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Lares Trek Itineary

Our Lares Trek 4 Days to Machu Picchu adventure commences with an early departure from Cusco at 6:00 am. We embark on a 2-hour journey to the enchanting Calca Valley, where a hearty breakfast awaits. From there, we continue our expedition in our exclusive van, ascending to the highest point on this route, towering at 4275 meters (13,891 feet) above sea level. This vantage point treats us to awe-inspiring vistas of majestic snow-capped peaks. After savoring these breathtaking panoramas, we continue our drive to the Lares hot springs, where we rendezvous with our team of horsemen and relish a nourishing lunch before commencing the trek. While our accomplished chef works their culinary magic to prepare our sumptuous midday meal, the hot springs beckon, providing an enticing option for a refreshing soak.

Next, our path leads us to the Kiswarani waterfall, where our dedicated staff will establish our inaugural campsite, nestled at an elevation of 3600 meters (11,811 feet). This leg of our journey spans approximately 7 kilometers (3.72 miles). Along the way, we are privileged to encounter Andean farmers bedecked in their traditional attire, tending to their cherished alpacas and llamas.

After relishing our delectable breakfast, our journey kicks off promptly at 06:30 a.m. We commence our ascent towards the Condor Pass, standing tall at an elevation of 4200 meters (13,779 feet), marking the zenith of our hike. Here, we are greeted by unparalleled landscapes and the awe-inspiring glacier. It’s not uncommon to witness wallatas, the elegant Andean geese, gracefully gliding in the crystalline blue waters. Upon reaching the summit of the Condor Pass, our guide will graciously offer you a well-earned cup of coca tea, affording you some leisure to rejuvenate. During this interlude, your guide will conduct a spiritual offering ceremony to honor the sacred mountains of Sawasiray.

Subsequently, we begin our descent towards the enchanting lakes, where we shall enjoy a scrumptious lunch amidst the serene beauty of these aquatic wonders, all while observing Andean ducks and queullas.

Day two of our expedition unveils a spectacular trek through the Huaran mountain range, promising numerous opportunities to spot a variety of Andean bird species, including majestic Andean condors, hawks, and agile swallows. Throughout this day, we will cover a distance of 15 kilometers (approximately 9 miles) on foot.

We descend through the picturesque Cancha Cancha valley, a journey spanning approximately 3 hours. This charming village enjoys pleasantly warm weather. During our descent, we’ll have the opportunity to admire lush corn and potato farms nourished by the glacier-fed waters streaming from the magnificent snow-capped peaks that dominate the valley. These waters converge into the Urubamba River, a sacred waterway known as Wilkamayu. After savoring a delightful lunch, we embark on a 20-minute bus ride to reach the historic Inca village of Ollantaytambo. Here, we catch the train bound for Machu Picchu, where we will spend the night in a comfortable hotel.

Today is the day you’ve eagerly anticipated. We’ll rise early to catch the 30-minute bus ride to Machu Picchu. Upon reaching the checkpoint, we’ll present our passports and tickets. Subsequently, our dedicated guide will accompany you to the guardhouse, where you can capture the iconic postcard-worthy image of Machu Picchu. After immortalizing this classic shot, you’ll embark on Circuit 2.

Your guide will devote approximately 2 hours to enlightening you about the key features of Machu Picchu. Following this insightful tour, you’ll have the freedom to explore the ruins at your own pace and, if you’ve secured the option, hike Huayna Picchu (please note that this requires a separate entrance ticket priced at $65 per person).

Finally, you’ll return to Aguas Calientes and board a train bound for Ollantaytambo, followed by a bus journey back to Cusco. Upon arrival in Cusco, our team will arrange your transfer to your hotel, concluding this remarkable adventure.

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    hailee w
    hailee w
    Incredible! I had an amazing time on this trek! The guide was amazing, the views were great. It was a once in a lifetime experience. I would 100% recommend
    An unique and unforgettable experience It was an unforgettable trip. Our guide Amaru was an excellent leader and we loved all the activities. The Inca jungle trek is not easy, you have to be quite strong to do it. That said, it is an incredible experience so everyone should try it.
    Sølve K
    Sølve K
    The best way to visit Machu Picchu It was the best tour company we have ever used. Our guide, Amaru/Guillermo, is a very kind and wise person. The activities were fun and definitely something that gave you an adrenaline rush! Very comfortable accommodations and meals as well. For us it was the best way to get to Machu Picchu! Thank you very much😊
    Kasper L
    Kasper L
    Awesome time doing Inca Jungle The Inca Jungle trek was a fantastic experience, everything from the activities to food/accomodation was on point. Our guide Guillermo was brilliant too, he provided us with great stories and information and is a charismatic and cheerful person!
    Jameson G
    Jameson G
    Sap Adventure- Jungle Trek Johan was the best tour guide, was very funny and insightful. Johan was extremely accommodating and patient on our travels. He educated us about the local farms, Inca history, and many more interesting facts. Would highly recommend booking with Sap Adventures for a small tour experience and asking for Johan as your tour guide.
    Danielle B
    Danielle B
    Don’t miss this tour! The whole trip was fantastic and so much fun! Our guide Johans was so lovely and accommodating. I couldn’t recommend this tour enough and ask for Johans 😂
    4 day Inka trail trek My friend and I did the 4 day Inka trek trail which included river rafting. The team were so friendly and funny. We felt safe and prepped with safety instructions. The views were incredible as we went down the river. Highly recommend!
    It was 100% worth it! The Inca Jungle Trek in Peru was a truly adventurous and varied experience. Our guide, Amaru, was exceptionally friendly and has deep knowledge about his country. The views throughout the trek were spectacular. I would definitely do it again :)
    Excellent Amaru was fantastic, very helpful and knowledgeable. They make sure you are comfortable and help every step of the way!
    Dani F
    Dani F
    Unforgettable trip. A unique experience surrounded by nature and enjoyment. 10/10 The Inka jungle was incredible. A wonderful experience that will be unforgettable. Our guide Guille is a genius!! He told us a lot about Inka history, during the trek we tried different fruits along the way and he taught us about them, fried animal plants. I highly recommend. The entire activity was phenomenal. Mountain bikes with beautiful views, rafting, trekking and finally Machu Pichu. We hope to return to Peru soon, it has been an unforgettable experience and trip.

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