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We are often asked a question that fills us with joy to answer, why is it so special to be a local operator in Cusco and why are we so proud of it? Let us tell you!

Cusco, our beloved city and Machu Picchu, is the tourist destination par excellence. Here, practically everyone is part of this industry that flourishes day by day in one way or another, and this has a huge impact on our local economy.

This tourism boom has captured the attention of numerous travelers from different parts of the world, who have decided to visit and explore our country for its rich culture and geographical diversity. And in gratitude for their choice, it is our commitment to offer our local knowledge, connections and efficient logistics to ensure that visitors enjoy their trip in a safe and authentic way, thus boosting the economy and sustainable development while maintaining and guaranteeing the conservation of our natural wealth for future generations.

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Let me share with you the story of SAP Adventures, a local tourism company that has evolved into a passion and a dream come true.

My name is Yohon Marquez Zarate, and I have the honor of being the co-founder and tour guide of SAP ADVENTURES. Although SAP Adventures could be considered a start-up company, our trajectory dates back to the distant past, when my fervent interest in tourism began to take shape. I was born in a small village near the majestic Sacred Valley, where I grew up speaking Quechua, the native language. My parents still reside on the family farm and, on a weekly basis, travel to the city to market their agricultural products. It was in this environment that I forged my roots, immersed in the rich culture and lush nature that Cusco has to offer.

My journey in the world of tourism began unexpectedly after completing my high school education. Initially, my dream was to become an engineer or architect, however, destiny had other plans for me. A friend from my community proposed me to work as a porter on the Inca Trail, and from that day on, my life took an unexpected turn. I was captivated by the sounds of the visitors, their languages and customs. That moment was a turning point that motivated me to enroll in the University, where I studied tourism and English, while I continued with my academic training and continued my work as a porter and cook on the Inca Trail.

After graduating from college, I gained experience in various capacities within the tourism industry and became certified as a licensed tour guide. However, I always had the feeling that many companies prioritized profits over people. It was then that I decided that a change of focus was needed, and that everyone involved would end up happy and satisfied with the tourism industry.

In 2013, together with Ruth Gutierrez, I co-founded SAP Adventures as an official authorized tour operator for Inca Trail, Salkantay, Lares trek, Inca Jungle, Machu Picchu tours. Since its inception, our fundamental purpose has been to provide authentic, safe and enriching experiences to our visitors, while maintaining a deep respect for the local culture and natural environment that surrounds us.



Traveling and hiking in the majestic mountains is an enriching and unforgettable experience. However, to ensure that your trek is safe and enjoyable, seeking the guidance and knowledge of true experts is essential.

SAP Adventures is proud to offer a team of highly trained, professional trekking guides, whose primary objective is to make your experience unforgettable. These guides possess in-depth knowledge of the terrain and best practices for trekking, as well as a wealth of information about each place you will visit during your journey.

Our guides are 100% local, hailing from diverse communities and villages in the Cusco region, imbuing them with an authentic knowledge rooted in the environment. They are true masters in the art of leading groups through beautiful landscapes and dizzying elevations, while sharing interesting facts and tips to make your trek more enjoyable and enriching.

Each of our guides has obtained degrees in Tourism and have passed rigorous tests to obtain the authorization to guide in emblematic routes such as the Inca Trail, Salkantay, Inca Jungle, Ausangate, Choquequiraw, and Machu Picchu. They are proficient in communicating in both English and Spanish, with Quechua being their primary language.

SAP Adventures guide is not only an expert on the trail, but is also prepared to deal with any weather eventuality that may arise during the expedition. They possess an in-depth knowledge of the flora and fauna you will encounter along your journey and are known for their ability as conversationalists, ensuring that no member of the group is bored in their company.

In conclusion, our guides are committed to turning your trekking adventure into an enriching, safe and memorable experience. Trust in SAP Adventures to make your travel dream a reality.



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Traveling through the majestic mountains on the way to conquer Machu Picchu is an experience unlike any other in life. However, this journey would not be possible without our dedicated staff. While our guides and porters amake the trek possible and provide the necessary assistance, the real secret behind our motto “the journey is the destination” lies in what our trekking chefs prepare on a daily basis.

Being a trekking chef on the Inca Trail or on any adventure to Machu Picchu is a challenging task. These talented professionals must carry all the necessary equipment to prepare the daily meals, set up the field kitchen and begin the process of offering the most delicious dishes you can imagine.

All meals are prepared on the spot and follow meticulous protocols to ensure that they are not only delicious, but also safe for consumption. Our trekking chefs can cater to any dietary needs or allergies without sacrificing taste. A hearty hot breakfast, a three-course lunch and an appetizer dinner make each day’s trek a real treat. Knowing that the best food awaits you makes hiking even more rewarding.

At SAP Adventures, our trekking chefs are a blend of both experiences. We have amazing chefs who started out as kitchen helpers and others who became head guides after receiving formal training. Every time you hike the Inca Trail, you are supporting these talented professionals and sharing an important part of their story. Their dedication to outdoor cooking is an essential element in making your mountain experience an unforgettable culinary adventure.


Our porters play a fundamental role in the essence of our company and are worthy representatives of the Peruvian people. Both men and women, they constitute an exceptional team that contributes significantly to the creation of the unique experience we offer our clients.

These men and women come from diverse age groups and are often farmers willing to leave their homes for several days, sometimes long distances, to be part of our team of porters. Being a porter involves hard and challenging work. Unfortunately, in many other companies, porters face precarious conditions, such as wearing bad sandals, sleeping on the ground without blankets, and eating without proper utensils. In our approach, we consider this way of treating our Peruvian people unacceptable.

We constantly strive to be leaders in treating our porters with dignity and respect. This involves providing them with fair wages and adequate equipment that allows them to perform their work safely and comfortably. In addition, we care about their well-being and that of their families, and are committed to social projects that contribute to improving their lives. It is important to note that most of our team, including our owner YOHON, began their careers with the company as porters, and we look forward to giving back to them and improving their living conditions as they enrich our company with their dedication and effort.

In short, we deeply value our porters and recognize their essential role in the company. Our commitment is to treat them with the dignity and respect they deserve, providing them with a safe and fair working environment as we work together to deliver unforgettable experiences to our customers.

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SAP Adventures prides itself on providing its clients with a high quality and safe travel experience in all aspects, including accommodations, restaurants and transportation. Here’s how SAP Adventures ensures quality and safety in each of these areas:


  • Careful selection: SAP Adventures carefully selects hotels and accommodations based on reputation, comfort and location. Accommodations are periodically evaluated to ensure that they meet quality standards.
  • Security: Selected accommodations comply with all security regulations and are equipped with modern security systems, such as fire alarms and surveillance cameras, to ensure the safety of guests.
  • Cleanliness and hygiene: SAP Adventures works closely with the accommodations to ensure that high standards of cleanliness and hygiene are maintained in all areas, especially in times of pandemic.


  • Selection of quality restaurants: SAP Adventures carefully selects restaurants based on their reputation, food quality and food safety measures.
  • Special diets: The company ensures that the selected restaurants can cater to the dietary needs of customers, such as vegetarian, vegan, gluten-free, etc.
  • Food safety measures: The partner restaurants comply with all food safety regulations and maintain high standards of hygiene in food preparation and handling.


  • Safe and modern transportation: SAP Adventures works with transportation providers that offer modern and safe vehicles. All vehicles are regularly inspected and maintain the required safety standards.
  • Professional drivers: Drivers are highly trained and comply with all traffic regulations. They are knowledgeable about the routes and aware of the importance of road safety.
  • Regular maintenance: The vehicles used in the tours are regularly maintained to ensure their proper functioning and safety throughout the trip.



At SAP Adventures, goal achievement is an ongoing process that drives us to constantly seek new challenges and opportunities for improvement. However, we never lose sight of our founding principles, which we regard as unwavering commandments in our commitment to excellence and corporate responsibility. Our fundamental objectives are as follows:

1.To provide informative and sustainable tours of Machu Picchu: Our main mission is to offer Machu Picchu tourism experiences that are not only enriching from an informative point of view, but also environmentally friendly and sustainable in the long term.

2.Educate about the Inca culture and its history: We consider it essential to spread knowledge and appreciation for the rich Inca culture and its history. Through our tours, we seek to educate our visitors and foster a greater understanding of this cultural legacy.

3.Provide a memorable and enjoyable trekking experience: We strive to ensure that each of our clients have a memorable and enjoyable trekking experience, backed by the professionalism and dedication of our team.

4.Maintain a 100% local company: We are committed to the local community and value Peru’s cultural diversity. Keeping our company rooted in the region allows us to contribute to local economic development and promote authenticity in our tourism experiences.

5.Uphold the vision of supporting our local community by reinvesting in the community: We believe in the importance of giving back to the community around us. We actively work on projects that benefit our local community, contributing to the growth and prosperity of the region.


At SAP Adventures, our company culture is based on a set of core values that are the foundation of our success and our mission. These values define us and guide us in every step we take:

1.Honesty and Integrity: We maintain the highest standards of honesty and ethics in all our interactions, both internal and external. Integrity is the foundation of our reputation and relationships with others.

2.Customers Who Become Friends: We deeply value our relationships with our customers, and our goal is for them to be not only satisfied customers, but friends for life. We strive to exceed their expectations and build lasting relationships.

3.Commitment to the Culture and Society of the Andean World: We are passionate about the rich cultural heritage of the Andean region. We are committed to preserving and promoting this culture through our actions and tourism experiences.

4.Teamwork and Knowledge Sharing: We believe in the power of teamwork and sharing knowledge and experience. We work together to achieve our objectives and constantly enrich our skills.

5.Creativity and Innovation as Solidarity: We encourage creativity and innovation in all areas of our company. We see innovation as a form of solidarity with our customers and our community, always seeking to improve and surprise.

6.Made by Peruvians: We are proud to be a Peruvian company and we work tirelessly to represent the best of our nation. Our commitment is to contribute to the growth and prosperity of our community and country.

These values are not just words, they are the compass that guides our daily actions at SAP Adventures. They are the essence of our company culture and the reason we continue to be a leader in the travel industry.

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