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Ausangate Trek 5 days


The Ausangate Trek 5 Days provides an authentic immersion into Andean culture, where you’ll encounter humble communities where inhabitants continue to converse in the Inca language (Qhechua) and uphold traditional ways of life. Additionally, you’ll witness vast herds of alpacas. If you seek an authentic Peruvian trek off the well-trodden path, then this is the ideal expedition for you.

Our revised itinerary steers clear of numerous regions that are experiencing an influx of fellow trekkers, preserving the serenity of your journey.

Ausangate trek 5 days Hightlighs

The 5-day Ausangate trek presents a diverse spectrum of wildlife, encompassing majestic condors, graceful alpacas, agile viscachas, elusive vicuñas, formidable bobcats, and majestic pumas. Our exclusive campgrounds are strategically situated, offering breathtaking vistas of Ausangate Mountain from various perspectives. Along the way, you’ll have the opportunity to indulge in two invigorating hot springs baths and marvel at the trek’s iconic rainbow mountains! The vividly hued mountains in the Vinicunca region are arguably among the most awe-inspiring natural wonders you’ll encounter in our nation!

Why book the Ausangate trek 5 days with us?

  • Nights will be spent in our Cabins and Refuges.
  • Our itinerary is meticulously crafted to facilitate acclimatization before embarking on challenging hikes.
  • We extend group discounts.
  • Mules are responsible for transporting all equipment and provisions, allowing you to travel light.
  • Our service for the Ausangate trek over 5 days is exclusively provided by our company; we do not share it with others.
  • We maintain intimate group sizes, with a maximum of 2 to 8 participants. This sets us apart from travel companies that accommodate larger groups.
  • Sap Adventures is a locally owned Travel Company, wholly licensed as an Ausangate operator.
  • Our Tour Guides prioritize staying current and engage in an extensive program of ongoing professional development. We are passionate about showcasing the captivating and astonishing Ausangate trek.

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USD70.00 per person

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