Inca Trail 1 Day Hike


USD $285

Are you short on time yet want to experience the breathtaking Inca Trail and Machu Picchu? Do not worry! Hike the short Inca Trail in 1 day and explore the Machu Picchu Citadel. 

The Inca Trail is brimming with Inca ruins, breathtaking mountain views, lush greenery, and rare ecological diversity. Walk through Machu Picchu National Park to the Sun Gate, where you’ll receive your first spectacular glimpse of Machu Picchu.

This trek offers diverse flora and wildlife, as well as a rich history. This one-day trip is 9 kilometers (5.59 miles) long and climbs to 2,720 meters. It is classified as a moderate hike with a fairly significant altitude increase. We recommend spending a few days acclimating in Cusco or the Sacred Valley of the Incas before leaving.

Highlights: Hiking the Inca Trail, savoring the vistas from the Sun Gate, witnessing the sunset over Machu Picchu, and camping at the base of the iconic site.

Distance Covered: 15 km / 8 miles

Meals Provided: Lunch and Dinner

Altitudes: Commencing the trek at 2,000 m, reaching the highest point at the Sun Gate at 2,720 m, and the hotel at 1,900 m.

Weather Conditions: Warm and humid

Train Departure Times: Voyager train departs at 6:30, while the Expedition train departs at 6:10.

Full Itinerary


Cusco - KM 104 - Wiñaywayna - Machu Picchu

Our guide and driver will pick you up from your hotel in Cusco. at 4 a.m. for your private transportation to Ollantaytambo’s train station. (If you choose to start in Ollantaytambo, we will pick you up at the hotel at 5:30 a.m.)

We catch the first train from the Ollantaytambo Train Station. and journey an hour and a half to KM 104, the starting point of the one-day Inca Trail.

After going through the checkpoint, we will proceed to the first archeological site, Chachabamba. This was one of the final shelters used by Inca travelers before reaching Machu Picchu. It has several structures. making it the perfect place to hear the guide’s first introduction to the fascinating Inca history.

The true climb begins with a 3-hour ascent across the stone stairs of the old Inca Trail. The ecology in this region is absolutely unique.

you will see a variety of flora and fauna. including orchids, flowers, trees, and other native species, as well as a waterfall in the center of the walk. We will visit the Wiñay Wayna archeological site, the most prominent along the Inca Trail. Everyone is astounded by the wonderful architecture here!

Following the sights and picture possibilities, we’ll continue on the last stretch to Machu Picchu. You’ll have more chances to take in the location and the surrounding scenery of the city. while your guide provides a brief historical background.

Following lunch, take a relatively level trek to the Sun Gate. while the hour-long hike is a mild up and down trail it concludes with a set of steep stairs cut right into the bedrock by the Inca. Known as the Gringo Killers.

When you climb the steps, you’ll know you’ve almost arrived to the Sun Gate. which offers the first stunning glimpse of Machu Picchu, so take your time and snap photos. There are plenty more awesome Inca places to check out as you make your way from the Sun Gate to Machu Picchu. so don’t rush and be sure to chat with your guide about these historical spots along the final stretch to Machu Picchu.

subsequently, it will be time to trek down to Machu Picchu’s main entrance. You will board the bus to Aguas Calientes, a little village at the foot of Machu Picchu.

We’ll take the 18:20 train back to Ollantaytambo (subject to availability). Our transportation will be ready to take you to Cusco and drop you off at your hotel. for a well-deserved relaxation after this fantastic tour.

Reasons to Hike the Inca, Trail in One Day.

Opting for the one day Inca Trail hike is an excellent choice for travelers, who want to experience the magic of this famous trek. but are short on time.

Here are the key reasons to consider this option:

  • Day Tours.

Day tours offer a convenient and efficient way to explore the Inca Trail, These tours are designed to provide a comprehensive experience, within a single day. making them ideal for travelers with tight schedules,

  • Archaeological Site

The one day Inca Trail hike allows you to visit significant archaeological sites, along the trail, You’ll pass through the beautiful Wiñay Wayna, an impressive ruin with stunning terraces and temples. before arriving at the renowned Sun Gate, (Inti Punku) for your first view of Machu Picchu

  • Classic Inca Trail Experience

While, shorter than the traditional four day trek. the one day hike, still offers a taste of the classic Inca Trail experience, You’ll trek on ancient stone paths built by the Incas. surrounded by breathtaking mountain, scenery and lush cloud forests,

  • Local Tour.

Joining a local tour, ensures that you get the most out. of your day hike Experienced guides provide valuable insights into the history, and significance of the Inca sites. you visit enhancing your understanding, and appreciation of this incredible journey

  • Please Note.

Please note, that permits are required for the one day Inca Trail trek. just like the longer versions, It is essential to book your tour in advance, through a certified tour operator, to secure your spot and ensure a smooth and well organized trek

  • Full Day Adventure.

The one-day hike is a full-day adventure that starts early in the morning and ends in the late afternoon. You’ll cover approximately 12 kilometers (7.5 miles) of trail, making it a rewarding challenge for those who want to experience the Inca Trail without committing to a multi-day trek.

  • Inca Sites

In addition to Machu Picchu, the one-day hike provides access to other remarkable Inca sites along the way. This includes Wiñay Wayna. often regarded as one of the most beautiful ruins, on the Inca Trail. offering a fascinating glimpse into Incan engineering and architecture

  • Tour Operator.

Choosing – a reputable tour operator, is crucial for a successful one day Inca Trail trek They will handle all the logistics including permits, transportation. meals and guiding services. allowing you to focus on enjoying the trek and the magnificent scenery

In summary. the one day Inca Trail hike is an excellent option for those who want to experience, the iconic trail and its stunning archaeological sites within a limited timeframe, By opting for a well organized day tour with a reliable tour operator. you can enjoy a memorable and enriching adventure on this legendary path


What´s It like

What Included?

Permits & Entrance Tickets

  • Permits and ticket for Inca Trail

  • High Quality Service & Safety

Pre – departure Briefing

  • Attend our full briefing at 6:00 p.m. the day before your departure at the Sap Adventures office to ensure you’re trekking-ready. Can’t make it in-person? Not an issue. Simply contact us via WhatsApp at +51960827076 to schedule a virtual briefing. To ensure a smooth setup, please contact us at least 48 hours in advance to schedule a bespoke session with your tour guide.

Experienced Guides

  • Our trips are guided by certified bilingual (English and Spanish) tourism guides. All guides working with SAP  are Peruvian government-licensed and have graduated from recognized Peruvian colleges or tourist schools. This guarantees that you receive informed and expert advice throughout your trip.

Medical Kit

  • SAP guides have specific training in first aid and CPR. They also carry a first aid package for situations including altitude sickness, travelers’ diarrhea, and scrapes. In addition, if required, we will promptly evacuate you off the path and transport you to a clinic for treatment.

24/7 Customer Service

  • Our WhatsApp and local phone services are accessible 24 hours a day.
  • In any emergency, our guides can reach us via satellite phone.


  • Box Lunch, Snacks and Water
  • One cloth snack bag per person


  • Pick up from your hotel in the morning and transfer to Ollantaytambo train station.
  • Bus Ticket from Machu Picchu to Aguas Calientes
  • Transport from Ollantaytambo train station to your hotel in Cusco.
  • Train Tickets
  • Train from Ollantaytambo to KM 104 (Trek starting point).
  • Train from Aguas Calientes to Ollantaytambo.

What Not Included?

  • Breakfast
  • Travel Insurance
  • Tips for our staff

What’ to Pack to Inca Trail 1 day?

  • Passport & water proof cover for passport
  • Extra money in soles
  • Personal medications
  • Water bottle or camel back
  • Sunscrean
  • Insect Repellents
  • Personal Care Products


  • Hiking Boots
  • Light Footwear
  • Trekking Socks
  • Trekking Pants
  • Short
  • Long sleeve T-Shirts
  • Warm Jacket
  • Raincoat or Rain Poncho
  • Sun hat
  • Neck Gaiter or Buff


  • Trekking Poles
  • Backpack   (15 – 25 L)
  • Camera and chargers
  • Power Bank
  • Snacks
  • Towel
  • Fashlight
  • Swmming kit

Inca Trail Express Price

Price per person

  • ADULT: USD $ 305.00 Pp
  • STUDENT: USD $ 285.00 Pp (A Valid student ID is required)
  • CHILD (Minor): USD $ 285.00 Pp, Applies for all age 3 to 17 years
  • Required pre Payment – US$ 150 (you can do the payments in cusco after the Briefing )

NOTE-  Student IDs are not eligible for a discount when

  • Traveler is older than 25.
  • Expired ID.
  • Student ID without expiration date.
  • ISIC cards are not eligible . 

Extras & Upgrates

  • Huayna Picchu – US$ 60.00.
  • 360 Train ( aguas calientes – Ollantaytambo ) US$ 70.00.
  • Extra night in Aguas Caliente –  US$ 50.00.
  • Walking Poles (Pair) US$ 10.00 (You can Rent by SAP).
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What people say about us

hailee w
hailee w
Incredible! I had an amazing time on this trek! The guide was amazing, the views were great. It was a once in a lifetime experience. I would 100% recommend
An unique and unforgettable experience It was an unforgettable trip. Our guide Amaru was an excellent leader and we loved all the activities. The Inca jungle trek is not easy, you have to be quite strong to do it. That said, it is an incredible experience so everyone should try it.
Sølve K
Sølve K
The best way to visit Machu Picchu It was the best tour company we have ever used. Our guide, Amaru/Guillermo, is a very kind and wise person. The activities were fun and definitely something that gave you an adrenaline rush! Very comfortable accommodations and meals as well. For us it was the best way to get to Machu Picchu! Thank you very much😊
Kasper L
Kasper L
Awesome time doing Inca Jungle The Inca Jungle trek was a fantastic experience, everything from the activities to food/accomodation was on point. Our guide Guillermo was brilliant too, he provided us with great stories and information and is a charismatic and cheerful person!
Jameson G
Jameson G
Sap Adventure- Jungle Trek Johan was the best tour guide, was very funny and insightful. Johan was extremely accommodating and patient on our travels. He educated us about the local farms, Inca history, and many more interesting facts. Would highly recommend booking with Sap Adventures for a small tour experience and asking for Johan as your tour guide.
Danielle B
Danielle B
Don’t miss this tour! The whole trip was fantastic and so much fun! Our guide Johans was so lovely and accommodating. I couldn’t recommend this tour enough and ask for Johans 😂
4 day Inka trail trek My friend and I did the 4 day Inka trek trail which included river rafting. The team were so friendly and funny. We felt safe and prepped with safety instructions. The views were incredible as we went down the river. Highly recommend!
It was 100% worth it! The Inca Jungle Trek in Peru was a truly adventurous and varied experience. Our guide, Amaru, was exceptionally friendly and has deep knowledge about his country. The views throughout the trek were spectacular. I would definitely do it again :)
Excellent Amaru was fantastic, very helpful and knowledgeable. They make sure you are comfortable and help every step of the way!
Dani F
Dani F
Unforgettable trip. A unique experience surrounded by nature and enjoyment. 10/10 The Inka jungle was incredible. A wonderful experience that will be unforgettable. Our guide Guille is a genius!! He told us a lot about Inka history, during the trek we tried different fruits along the way and he taught us about them, fried animal plants. I highly recommend. The entire activity was phenomenal. Mountain bikes with beautiful views, rafting, trekking and finally Machu Pichu. We hope to return to Peru soon, it has been an unforgettable experience and trip.

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Frequent Asked Questions

What is the distinction between the 1-Day Inca Trail and the 2-Day Inca Trail?

The one-day and two-day Inca Trails are identical, except the two-day Inca Trail spends a night in Aguas Calientes (or Machu Picchu town) before returning to the citadel the next day, whilst the one-day Inca Trail returns to Cusco or the Sacred Valley on the same day.

The real hike is precisely the same. You will arrive to Machu Picchu in the afternoon of Day One. Trekking cannot be spread out across two days.The trek is also known as the Short Inca Trail, the Royal Inca Trail, or the KM104 Inca Trail.

The 1-day Inca Trail walk begins at KM104, or Chachamba as the locals name it. KM104 denotes the distance along the train route from Cusco. The trail climbs to the Wiñay Wayna ruins before skirting the mountain, passing through the Sun Gate and entering Machu Picchu.

Both the one- and two-day Inca Trail walks are excellent opportunities to experience Machu Picchu in an active setting. By selecting the km104 journey over the train, you will view more wildlife and Inca landmarks, as well as be surrounded by less people, and, of course, you will be walking in the footsteps of the Incas.

To book your 1 Day Inca Trail hike with us, follow these simple steps:

  1. Click the BOOK NOW button to begin your reservation.
  2. Select your departure date.
  3. Fill out the personal information for each participant.
  4. Pay the deposit of $150 per person.

After receiving your deposit, we will send you a confirmation of your trip along with a booking form to complete. Please provide the following details:

  • Full Name (as it appears on your passport)
  • Nationality
  • Gender
  • Passport Number
  • Date of Birth (dd/mm/yyyy)

Important: We require copies of the passports for all participants to secure Inca Trail permits.

Once we obtain your Inca Trail permits, you will receive a confirmation that everything is fully organized. All confirmed start dates are guaranteed. Book your adventure today and embark on an unforgettable journey!

You can pay the outstanding balance in several ways:

  1. Cash: Pay in USD or soles one day before your trip.
  2. PayPal: Pay at least one week prior to your trip (7% service fee applies).
  3. Credit Card (Visa): Pay with a Visa card (5% service fee applies).

Please let us know your preferred payment method. Cash payments must be made one day before your trip.

According to Peruvian law, to qualify for a student discount on the One Day Inca Trail hike, you must be under 18 years old at the time of your hike. If you are 18 or over, you need a valid student card. Below is a sample of a valid student card.

Discounts Available:

  • Students aged 11 to 17: $30 USD discount
  • Children aged 2 to 11: $40 USD discount

To receive the student discount, all students must send a copy of their passport and student card when booking. Email your documents to

Yes! During your 1-day Inca Trail to Machu Picchu, you have convenient luggage storage options. You can store your luggage at our office or your hotel. Please bring only what you need for your Short Inca Trail to Machu Picchu. Enjoy your hike without the extra weight!

Unfortunately, once the one-day Inca Trail permits are purchased, the Peruvian government does not allow any changes. Inca Trail permits are non-transferable and non-refundable. The only detail that can be updated is passport numbers.

This hike is classified as difficult and is recommended for those in good physical condition.

Train availability may vary, but we typically book the 06:10 am train from Ollantaytambo to Aguas Calientes on day 1. The return train departs at 02:55 pm, arriving in Cusco by 06:30 pm. This schedule allows you ample time to rest and explore other attractions, such as Rainbow Mountain, the following day.