Sacred Valley tour from Urubamba

Sacred Valley is one of the most stunning destinations in Peru, offering a wealth of history, culture, and natural beauty. Located in the Andean highlands near Cusco, the valley was the heart of the Inca Empire and is home to some of the most impressive ruins and archaeological sites in Peru. One of the best ways to explore Sacred Valley is through a tour from the town of Urubamba. In this blog, we’ll discuss what you can expect on a Sacred Valley tour from Urubamba.

Overview of Urubamba

Urubamba is a charming town located in the heart of Sacred Valley. It is a great base for exploring the region, with easy access to many of the valley’s top attractions. The town is also home to a bustling market, where visitors can find traditional crafts, textiles, and local cuisine.

What to Expect on a Sacred Valley Tour from Urubamba

A Sacred Valley tour from Urubamba typically begins with a visit to the town’s market, where visitors can browse local crafts and sample traditional food. From there, the tour usually heads to the ruins of Ollantaytambo, one of the most impressive Inca sites in the valley. The ruins feature massive stone terraces, a ceremonial center, and a fortress that was used to defend against the Spanish during the conquest of Peru.

After exploring Ollantaytambo, the tour may continue to the town of Pisac, which is home to an impressive Inca fortress and a vibrant artisan market. Visitors can explore the ruins and shop for textiles, ceramics, and other traditional crafts.

Another highlight of a Sacred Valley tour from Urubamba is a visit to the agricultural terraces of Moray. These circular terraces were used by the Incas to experiment with different crops and growing conditions. Visitors can walk down into the terraces and admire the ingenuity of the Inca agricultural system.

Finally, the tour may end with a visit to the salt flats of Maras. The salt flats are located on the side of a steep hill and feature hundreds of small pools filled with salt water. Visitors can learn about the ancient techniques used to harvest salt and even sample some of the salt themselves.

Why Choose a Sacred Valley Tour from Urubamba

There are several reasons why a Sacred Valley tour from Urubamba is a great option for visitors to Peru. Firstly, Urubamba is centrally located in the valley, making it a convenient base for exploring the region. Additionally, the town has a more laid-back and authentic feel than some of the larger cities in the area, offering a more relaxed and enjoyable experience.

Furthermore, a tour from Urubamba allows visitors to see some of the most impressive attractions in Sacred Valley without having to navigate the winding roads and confusing transport systems on their own. A knowledgeable guide can provide valuable insights into the history and culture of the region, making the tour both informative and enjoyable.

In conclusion, a Sacred Valley tour from Urubamba is an excellent way to explore one of the most stunning regions in Peru. With its rich history, vibrant culture, and breathtaking natural beauty, Sacred Valley is a must-see destination for anyone visiting Peru. And with Urubamba as a convenient and charming base, a tour from the town is the perfect way to experience all that the valley has to offer.