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Facts about The sacred Valley

The Sacred Valley of the Incas is a region in Peru that was once the heart of the Inca Empire. Today, it is a popular tourist destination known for its stunning landscapes, rich cultural heritage, and ancient ruins. Here are some interesting facts about the Sacred Valley Peru:


The Sacred Valley is located in the Andes Mountains, just outside of the city of Cusco in southeastern Peru. It is situated between the towns of Pisac and Ollantaytambo and stretches along the Urubamba River.

Inca Civilization

The Sacred Valley was an important center of the Inca civilization, which flourished in the Andean region from the 13th to the 16th century. The Incas built many impressive structures in the valley, including fortresses, temples, and agricultural terraces.


The Sacred Valley was known for its fertile soil and ideal growing conditions, which allowed the Incas to cultivate a variety of crops, including corn, potatoes, and quinoa. They also built sophisticated irrigation systems to water their crops.

Machu Picchu

Perhaps the most famous Inca ruin in the Sacred Valley is Machu Picchu, a citadel built on a mountain ridge overlooking the Urubamba River. Machu Picchu is believed to have been built as a royal estate for the Inca emperor Pachacuti in the 15th century.

Salt Pools

Another unique feature of the Sacred Valley is the salt pans of Maras, which have been in use since pre-Columbian times. The salt pans are formed by a natural spring that flows down a mountainside and into a series of terraced pools. The water evaporates, leaving behind salt crystals that are harvested by local families.

Traditional Markets

The Sacred Valley is home to several traditional markets where local artisans sell textiles, ceramics, and other handmade goods. The most popular markets are located in the towns of Pisac and Chinchero.

Adventure Activities

The Sacred Valley is also a popular destination for adventure activities such as hiking, rafting, and zip-lining. There are several trekking routes that lead to Machu Picchu, including the Inca Trail and the Salkantay Trek.


The climate in the Sacred Valley is mild and temperate, with daytime temperatures ranging from the mid-60s to the mid-70s Fahrenheit. The dry season runs from April to October, while the wet season runs from November to March.

Sacred Valley fun facts

  • The Sacred Valley was an important center of the Inca civilization, and was used for agricultural and religious purposes.
  • The Sacred Valley is also known for its colorful markets, where visitors can buy textiles, pottery and other handicrafts.
  • The Sacred Valley is surrounded by breathtaking natural scenery, such as snow-capped mountains, rushing rivers and green forests.
  • The Sacred Valley is a short train ride from the world-famous Inca site of Machu Picchu.
  • The Sacred Valley is a year-round destination, with a pleasant climate and plenty of activities to enjoy at any time of the year.
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