Rainbow Mountain in December

rainbow mountain in december

Things to Know

Visiting Rainbow Mountain (Vinicunca) in Peru in December offers an experience influenced by the ongoing rainy season in the Andes. Here are some considerations for planning a trip during this month:

Continued Rainy Season

December falls within the rainy season, meaning you should expect frequent rain showers, and occasionally these can turn into snow at higher altitudes. The weather can be quite unpredictable.

Trail Conditions

With the regular rain, trails are likely to be wet, muddy, and potentially slippery. Adequate hiking gear, including waterproof clothing and non-slip hiking boots, is essential for a safer and more comfortable trek.

Variable Visibility

Rain can enhance the vibrancy of the mountain’s colors, but heavy cloud cover or fog might sometimes reduce visibility. However, on clear days, the views can be quite impressive.

Lower Tourist Numbers

December generally sees fewer tourists compared to the peak season (June to August), which can provide a more peaceful hiking experience.

Tour Availability

While tours to Rainbow Mountain operate in December, it’s important to check in advance as some operators might adjust their schedules based on the weather conditions.

Altitude Considerations

At over 5,000 meters above sea level, altitude sickness is a potential concern. Acclimatization and awareness of the symptoms are crucial for a safe visit.

Temperature Fluctuations

Daytime temperatures might be mild, but mornings and evenings can be quite cold. Layered clothing is recommended to adapt to these temperature changes.

Preparation for Rain

Ensuring you have appropriate rain gear, such as waterproof jackets and backpack covers, is important during this season.

In summary, a visit to Rainbow Mountain in December requires preparation for wet weather and potentially challenging hiking conditions. The advantages of traveling during this time include fewer crowds and experiencing the mountain’s beauty in a lush, post-rain environment. Always check the latest weather forecasts and tour availability prior to your trip.

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